Materials: Acrylic on muslin, thermoplastic, cardboard armature and coffee pots.

The staircase in my visual language represents a preexisting structure. In this work, I created a garment / cover so as to transform the structure enough to make it more familiar. I was thinking about how stark and cold foldout chairs/ structures can be, and how dressing them up to make them more presentable for a gathering, make them softer. In this case, the chair/ structure/ stair form becomes a body, a self portrait of sorts as the structure is my height. The structure is embodied. Coffee is a liquid that I connect with through my daily morning ritual. In this work, coffee is brewed in a sequence depending on the timing of the exhibition/ how the work is shown. The idea is to create a ritual of brewing and making coffee as the work is shown. To be able to see the work and smell the freshly brewed coffee.

Staircase dress (soft)

Staircase dress soft is an alternate version that shows only the cover, without the underlying structure. Although still figurative, the works only structure is created though it relationship to the form through pattern-making/ how its assembled.