These works are created horizontally and are inspired by the compositions created by street venting. With these works, I am interested in organizing a composition outside of the western conventions of painting, and drawing inspiration from the way street vendors compose as it relates to body and to the intimate exchange of objects.

When a person offers their wares for sale, it is a form of visual communication. The composition anticipates the viewer in how the objects are arranged. I make these works thinking about how these compositions are created as they relate to ones body. In making these works, I think about how the arrangement of objects become a visual language that positions the vendor/ artists body in relation to the buyer/ viewer.

In making these works, I sit in the rectangular space on a cardboard and position the “objects” in relation to my body, making sure that each mark maintains the relationship of an object to the hand. Potato prints in this case allow me to literally place the mark onto the canvas. When the composition is made vertical from horizontal, it affords us a different understanding of a familiar composition elevated through the gesture of pointing to it as painting.