Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist working in relationship to the body, I explore notions of home and place. I respond to architecture to reflect on personal histories and on my own immigrant experience, as they have been shaped within the Los Angeles landscape. My practice uses the act of inhabiting as a starting point, working within a space and its cultural, economic, and personal context as a material.

I work from an intimate and personal place, using shared experiences to connect the spaces that house us to notions of home and self. Often working with family, I explore our shared immigrant experience as a layered, multigenerational, transnational experience that is echoed though shared memories, traumas, and aspirations, extending outward from the intimate space of home.

Architecture for me exists apart from the physical structure, in familial myth, in class structures, in shapes, and as an imprint acting upon the body. My interest in the shape of spaces and in the layout as a visual language for expression developed in childhood from looking at my father’s architectural drawings of houses he wanted to build.