My Father’s Side of Home

Guadalajara, 2014


My artistic process has lead me to a very personal investigation, using the process of inhabiting as a way to understand my parents’ immigrant experience and my own immigrant experience as it relates to the interaction between sites in Guadalajara and Los Angeles and the notion of home.

My father mentally inhabited two sites in Guadalajara while living in Los Angeles. One was an empty lot where he would eventually build our family’s house, and the other was Mansion Magnolia where he envisioned himself working. These two sites created for him, and by extension for me during my childhood, an ever-present feeling that Los Angeles was a temporary situation. I have felt the coexistence of these spaces throughout my life. Guadalajara and Los Angeles as cities have been in constant dialogue through memory and the idea of home. This conversation between sites focuses on specific houses and their roles. It is this need to know these other sites in Mexico that has lead me to take residence here in order to inhabit Mansion Magnolia in a very real and very tactile way.

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