About the Piece

Pool. Condominio Oxford, Guadalajara
15″ x 19″ photo with frame

This work was part of the exhibition, My father’s side of home presented at Human Resources, Los Angeles, November , 2014. This work shows the pool that my father would point to when, as a child, I would say that I wanted a pool. My father would respond with, “there’s a pool waiting for you in Guadalajara.” The idea of another life, another me, living out daily rituals with different surroundings has continued to linger with me. The longing my father felt to return to the Guadalajara he left, became my longing to also be there, and here, simultaneously. The frame that holds the pool reminded me of the neoclassical architecture that I would see in our family owned events venue Mansion Magnolia. Both Mansion Magnolia and the Condominio Oxford lot were the places I remember going to while we would visit Guadalajara.